Fatherhood contrast

Fatherhood contrast
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“No, I’m not afraid. I’m just cold.”

Fong’s body was a little thin because of the poor family, but not too warm, this thin body does not have a small feeling of weakness.

The two stalls of incense meat on the chest as the woman spoke and slightly quiver, standing red plum seems to hook people’s soul.

Thin waist is not full of a grip, under the belly of the sparse Fang Lin a few and no, it appears that the private parts clean and attractive, looking at the white thin naked, Lin Zhang rose a sense of violence is not strange tonight.

This was something he had never had before, but when he met his new concubine, a strange idea came to him more than once.

But he was not in the mood to explore for the moment, for the only thing he wanted to do was to get into the woman’s body.

Lin Zhang can not be said to make the woman lying on the bed, the next moment he has to separate the woman’s delicate thighs.

The woman’s lower body is not a wisp, flat lower belly is light yellow sparse aromatic plexus, so it is easier to see the whole jade gate.

The Jade Gate is very clean because it is sparse and light in color. The arc outlined by the flower hole of the virgin’s body is very mysterious and arouses the sight.

The two closed mussel meat because no mining, it is particularly fat and fresh.

The man could not help but break apart the lip flesh, only to see between the lips of a moist purplish small core.

Lin Zhang pinch pinch this small nuclear, originally listless small nuclear was touched, unexpectedly become spiritual.

With years of experience of men and women, Lin Zhang is quite familiar with this place.

Fingers kneading and kneading the nails will occasionally encounter the tender small nucleus, which is also casual and light and light scraping, flower nucleus will soon be full of blood swelling up.

Fang was nervous when a man touched his private parts, but after the small nucleus was pinched and played with, Fang felt that her body was no longer being manipulated by her.

In the privacy of the man’s two fingers under the manipulation, soon tendrils to her spine, the whole body up a strange feeling of itching.

Until her eyes were fixed on the curtain of the bed, and in that lost moment a stream of warmth slipped uncontrollably from her body.

Did he dare to drown in his master’s hand?

Fong could not help closing her legs, afraid to let people touch the area, she worried that men would think her dirty.

But the man’s powerful body is on the inside of her legs. How easy is it for her to close them?

“God, I… I…” Fong’s once white face was hot again.

Lin Zhang naturally saw the small nucleus under the enticing flower points out of the shining honey juice.

The man’s finger goes down and smears the woman’s juice on the lip of the flower.

That play congestion and swollen flower core naturally did not let go, by transparent honey stained flower core is delicate and lovely.

“Is it wet?”

* * *

Lin Yu sat in the cabinet at the moment the overlapping legs unconsciously moved a little, but this is far from eliminating the itch from the jade seam.

Father sitting upright, look meticulous, it is Lin Yu saw his father to deal with his book case on the official business only some of the end strict.

However, what the father was holding was not the purple smoke, but the white and delicate thigh of the woman and the hidden red flower hole of the woman’s private parts.

What I saw was not the official document in black and white, but the honey flowing out of the flower cave and Aunt Fang’s seductive body.

Lin Yu had a fire in her heart, a dryness that she did not know how to extinguish.

She could not help adding a secret pleasure to her father’s frequent utterance.

Lin Zhang drooping eyes and careful play with aunt’s honey point after a moment, the wet fingers passed to the woman, index finger and middle finger together a close, between the two fingers out of a transparent silk line.

Fang Shi knew that the warm current was not her drowning, but the outflow of the transparent body fluid, immediately blush.

Originally want to close the leg to relax a little, the woman still rest to look at the man above, also do not speak, but between the eyebrows and the spring filled, really have no words.

What’s more, Fang had already been in love. Seeing the master’s hands, which had been holding the sages’ books, were now covered with their own juice, her heart was beating, and she felt a sense of defeat.

Lin Zhang will fingers on the honey smear to the woman’s breast, the red milk beads were dyed wet appear more moving.

This woman is all about seduction, and she has no regard for femininity.

Lin Zhang coldly lifted the legs of a woman, again to the long-thirst flower hole, I saw the pink delicate, there were two small pieces of isolated shellfish between the mouth.

He reached out his hand and touched the shell meat, and the flower hole shrank rapidly with his movements.

Is so sensitive…

Even if the heart of Lin Zhang joy has always been accustomed to not angry expression, the face is not to see how he wants to, just slightly dark eyes color and raised brow peak said the master is slightly satisfied at the moment.

Fingers trickled down into the hole, but only one finger could feel the firmness and tenderness inside.

The woman’s little point sucked at the man’s finger, as if trying to expel the foreign object from her body.

However, after trying all kinds of incompetent can only let it go, in order not to make yourself hurt, flower point is Qi to constantly slide out of nectar to relieve the pain.

Lin Zhang slowly pumped into the finger, and with the finger to wipe the sound of the water makes him originally hot as iron pestle between the legs of the thing is angry and open, the horse’s eye out of the slippery liquid has long been the whole mushroom head dyed strong and bright.

The body is like a hot iron like red heat pain, the woman flower point has been flooded, he was a little impatient to do these foreplay.

Finally, the strong nature of privilege takes the upper hand, Lin Zhang stopped the hand action, raised his penis and arrived at the secret mouth.

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