Deep throat

Deep throat
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Mouth stuffed with a meat stick, a woman can only keep swallowing breath, which also makes a woman throat between soft meat non-stop rhythm on the glans of the horse’s eyes, unexpectedly provoke Lin Zhang with this numbness could not help but tremble all over.

To feel comfortable retreat a little, Lin Zhang Shi Ran will pull out some meat sticks.

Fong, who had thought the stick was going away, was so relieved that she almost threw up.

But in the end she does not understand men think too little.

Lin Zhang pulled out a little flat after heavy forward, this one, glans deep throat.

The tightness of the glans touching the polyps in the throat is accompanied by a crisp and tingling itch, which is wandering from the horse’s eyes to the whole body. The tingling itch has not completely disappeared, and the man will draw out a little forward.

This send, the woman already can not hold the throat between vomiting.

The soft flesh in the throat bobs up and down violently, as if trying to block out foreign objects that have invaded the area.

However, with its little force, like a stone, the foreign body is more hard than a rock under its violent impact.

Inside stopped the piece of rest, is ready to deep throat again, drooping eyes to see a woman double face red, apricot eyes tears, Lin Zhang stopped, or out.

As the stick was pulled out, the veins of the wet stalk were flexing in the woman’s mouth.

The head of the glans, which was already red and swollen, was swollen again in a great circle, and the horse’s eyes were constantly oozed with translucent dew and cooing.

The liquid, mixed with the saliva from the stick, trickled down the long stalk until it slipped through the two heavy sacs and finally fell to the ground.

This is some of the meaning of Lin Yu at this time is focused on the picture of eating stems.

Aunt Fang’s eyes were now bloodshot and red, and her beautiful almond eyes were also red with tears.

Visible father this thing really some strong, just a oral sex also put Fang aunt to cry to cry a pair of death appearance.

Lin Yu turned her eyes from the woman to her father’s penis, only to see that the towering object her father had pulled out had grown even larger.

The deep red of the meat stick was purple, and when you look carefully, you know that the vertical purple is bursting ferocious blue and purple muscles.

Breathing Fang saw the body fluid across the flesh sac, immediately reach out to wipe it off, after all, these body fluid can have his mouth saliva.

Carefully holding the meat stick, with the hand to push away the fleshy scrotum, fingers gently caressed the filthy water.

However, in her rubbing the gentle movement, the man was not satisfied with the meat stick eagerly beat in the woman’s hand, Lin Zhang’s eyes changed.

“You asked for it, seduction.”

The words fell, Lin Zhang will again will be the giant falls on the woman’s full lips, slightly poke.

This time Fang did not need words to understand the meaning of the man’s meat stick in his mouth again.

Lin Zhang no pity at this time, in the woman’s mouth constantly sprint out sprint out, and occasionally straight into the deep throat deliberately to touch the throat between soft meat.

Fang felt very uncomfortable. His mouth was already pantothenic because he had opened it too wide, and he could not swallow the excess saliva in his mouth. Therefore, the saliva flowed out along the part of the meat stick, and soon there were water stains on the ground.

She was tired and uncomfortable, but she was happy in her heart, because she felt the man’s big stick was happy for her.

In order to satisfy the man sooner and suffer less, Fang wisely learned from her own lessons and put her hand on the man’s exposed stem.

The fine fingers are slightly calloused, but the tenderness of the front part of the penis matches the friction of the back part.

Lin Zhang felt his whole body blood with the woman’s action seems to boil up, throat itching almost feel comfortable to moan out.

But he held himself in check. A woman’s movements were agreeable, but he could not be frightened by a woman’s movements, and his years at the top had given him an easy command of his own moods.

The heavy meat sac with the man’s twitch, swinging back and forth, because the meat sac is huge, so in the man’s violent twitch, began to beat constantly from time to time on the woman’s chin.

Lin Yu saw the saliva dripping down the corner of Aunt Bai’s lip onto the fleshy sac that beat her chin, and the scrotum patted the saliva back to the woman’s chin.

It goes on and on.

Over time, with the twitch of the meat stick, Fang’s chin has long been lost, in the meat sac and chin mixed with body fluid, sometimes a rattling sound.

Lin Zhang like a king animal exudes to the strength of pressure, looking down on the shirtless like a lamb kneeling milk as humble and pious woman, inexplicably have a desire to control.

At the moment he had only one thought, was to fuck her, make her dare to seduce himself.

The woman’s beautiful face had already turned red, her apricot eyes blurred with tears, her slender hands carefully supporting the stem of his flesh, the plain teeth of the red lip is swallowed up her crotch giant, the original pink lip color now turned deep red and bloodshot.

A kind of overriding all things, wanton sense of abuse on the heart of Lin Zhang.

The great thing between the red lips twitched faster and harder, and the glans seemed to burst.

The tip of a woman’s tongue accidentally touched the groove, the man’s penis became more rough and hard hot, the horse’s eyes angry.

With the final arrival, Lin Zhang gasps, a thick semen finally surging out.

When see father pumping inserted in the mouth of the Fang aunt more and more quickly, Lin Yu knew his father adjacent to the shot.

Sure enough not for a while, the father stiff, that was contained in the mouth of the meat stick hit by pleasure and spontaneous jerking beat.

I saw the woman kneeling on the ground because of the long open mouth can not close to swallow, some semen was swallowed by her, the rest of the thick thick semen mixed with saliva slowly dripped down the mouth.

Father released after the meat stick is still buried in the mouth of the woman was reluctant to move out.

Lin Yu did not know why, but some do not like Fang aunt’s posturing, the tip of the tongue licked dry lips.

She, she wanted to eat her father’s meat stick herself, even in order not to let anyone else eat…

This thought that the man shot, she retired with success, the result of waiting for a while the man’s thing is still in his mouth.

After a gentle sip, Fang found that the veins on the stem of the man’s flesh were still bulging and the head of the glans was still slowly twitching.

Fong gently wraps her tongue around the glans and slowly licks it as the horse’s eyes contract.

However, the newly released horse’s eyes can not tolerate such stimulation, and it is even more difficult to calm down immediately.

The horse’s eyes closed and contracted. With the woman’s licking, the leftover essence of the meat stick spilled out one after another, but after shooting the semen, the meat stick became hot again with the flexible uvula.

Fang Shi at this time a little strange, forward in the next yard to wait on the outside room of the lady, know that men after release need a long time to show.

But the thing in her mouth had been released once and became harder. She was puzzled, but she did not dare to ask, because she did not want to reveal her knowledge of it.

The man finally slowly pulled out the sex organ in the woman’s mouth. Fang rubbed the sour cheek and finally closed the sour red and swollen red lip.

Looking at the mess on her body, Fang Shi lowered her head and looked around for her embroidery.

However, I do not know where I put it. After looking for a long time, I did not find it. I had to pick up my belly pocket.

First wipe the lip Angle and chin on the body fluid, and then to the breast, the original red milk beads now stimulated by the material was rubbed even more upright.

Looking at the woman as if no one wipe the baby, there seems to be a mass of anonymous fire in the lower abdomen of Lin Zhang repeatedly burning, and finally rising.

The stick of flesh, which should have been soft, was suddenly as red as iron, as hard as rock, as fresh and magnificent as a plant that had been fed with water.

This is saved to let it up again, after all, but tonight is the night of the wedding, Lin Zhang has no patience to spend again.

One hand held the blade, and the other hand lifted the kneeling woman. The woman’s skirt and pants were gone.

The unsuspecting Fang finally found the abnormal man at this moment. After her skirt and obscene pants were peeled off, she could only stand naked in front of the man, her slender white body could not help but tremble slightly…

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