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Who said it on the street? Huh? Who do you want to be in?” The man’s voice was now a little hard again.

“I did what I said naturally. I just wanted my meat, and I just wanted to be my meat.”

With that, Fang soothingly stroked the mushroom head at the top of the meat stick through his pants.

In the course of these gropes, she happened to find that every time she touched the top of her trousers, it sank into a little groove along with the meat stick, and the little groove was always wet.

Every time he touched it, the meat stick in his hand could not help but jump, which is extremely sensitive for men.

She seemed to ingratiate herself with the fingertip of the prod, saw that this trick was effective, the governor now suddenly froze, the top of the pants wet more.

Lin Zhang looked at the pants that white long catkin, eyes deeper and deeper, a low breath: “um…”

This vocal chords with the desire of low gasp startled the original hanging eyes blame Lin Yu looked up to the two people not far away.

“Get in there.” Lin Zhang side command side picked the woman’s body that should have fallen belly pocket.

A woman’s chest pair of white breasts finally show in front of Lin Zhang, two cherry red green through the mature beauty, small and exquisite, more delicate than before his fancy, looking at it can not help but let a person have the impulse to ravage it.

Fang obediently put her hand into the top of the pants. Only when she put it into the pants did she realize how wrong her perception of the object was. Only when she really held the object did she know how thick, long and hot the man’s penis was.

It’s a rock-hard thing. Fang’s tunnels.

Fong felt her palms sweat a little as she stroked the stick, making it easier for the stick to slide.

“Touch the place you touched.”

Where did you just touch yourself?

Fang’s doubts between the trial with his hand pinch the stick before the end of the umbrella mushroom head.

“Do you know where this is?”

Fang only knew that the man here is called phallus, but did not know that the original phallus also divided into names.

She shook her head honestly.

Lin Zhang usually in the thick and clear voice at the moment low hoarse anomaly, at this time do not have a gentle charming charm: “this is called the glans.”

It was called the glans, and Fang nodded to show that he had listened to the instruction, and continued to outline the circumference of the glans with his fingers.

“Touch it up.”

Fang’s obedient upward touch, even touch before touch that gully.

There was some slime in the gully and it was slippery.

“Do you know what this is?”

Fang shook his head.

“This is the eye of the horse.”

The original gully was called the horse’s eye. Can the horse’s eye still take the water?

As if to know Fang’s doubts, Lin Zhang is rather carefully to teach: “the horse’s eye of the mucus called dew, into you will not be you and I suffer.”

Fang nodded and scraped the horse’s eye with her fingernail, but felt that more semen was coming out of the horse’s eye.

Lin Zhang body slightly a tight tremble, holding a woman’s hand, a hard pinch.

“Oh, the pain.” Fang could not help exhaling in pain.

Lin Yubei bit her lips and blushed. She was…

Just listening to her father’s words, she was hot all over, in private that part of the contraction was severe.

That delicate word of the penis, so arousing the blush and the passion.

The father’s hand in the woman’s belly constantly arch also saw Lin Yu jumpy, he did not feel when he participated in the past, why now look at it will feel dry mouth?

Lin Yu did not know that she and cousin nonsense is childhood love is thick human nature Chang Ren, and at this time not far from her man is three gang Wuchang, the father of the way is irreversible ethics ah……

“This pain is unbearable, but still want to seduce me?”

“I don’t, I don’t.”

“Touch it down.”

Fang Shi ignored the chest from the strange, obedient to touch back.

For some reason, her breasts were clearly pinched, but after the pain, there was a tinge of sour feeling in her body, and a hot flow between her legs.

His life has just been a few days, it can’t be a life ah, Fang Shi at the moment only feel his body is very strange.

Despite her own eccentricities, she finally reached the bottom of the bar.

“Keep going.”


Further down? Isn’t this already the bottom of the meat stick?

Tentatively moving his hand down, Fong felt two round, hot objects.


Fang Shi really obedient knead up, only feel the two round things heavy.

“Hiss… Be gentle…” The man gasped in pain and frowned.

“But what is it?”

Without waiting for Fang’s reply, Lin Zhang answered, “This is the pouch of my Lin family’s descendants. It is called the meat pouch.”

At that moment, Fang felt that the object in his hand was as heavy as tens of millions of gold. He stroked it carefully and did not dare to exert more force to avoid hurting the pouch.

She was still thinking of giving the Lins a cub, preferably a son, with whom she would have more confidence.

Lin Zhang untie the belt, obscene pants did not bind and neat, the restrained thing was straight out of the top of the glans slightly shaking.

This is when Fang really saw the penis.

The flesh-sac hung down, and the flesh-stick, with its glans on its body, was so large and stout that it looked sharp and unirritating.

Fang was frightened. She had promised to capture a man’s heart before. Now she wondered if she could really serve this thing well.

Lin Yu was caught off guard by a wobbly object that made her blush.

With a heart-throb of shame, she examined with uncontrollable curiosity the huge, steaming penis between her father’s crotch.

The crimson mass was raised slightly in an arc, and the little eyes of the head of the head of the glans were glowering at Aunt Fang, while the body of the stick, with its interlaced veins, looked particularly ferocious.

There was also a heavy meat sac hanging under the big thing, and it could be seen that the meat sac was divided into two balls, but because the meatball was too big, it was hanging under the meat stick.

With cousin’s same and not like the same, two people this place is thick and red, similar in appearance, thick long stem on the body with a fleshy mushroom head.

But my cousin did not have such a big flesh sac, and my cousin’s giant object was also a little curved, while my father’s object was straight up in his stomach.

Therefore, visually, it is the father that is grander and stronger.

To explain why Lin Yu was not like other girls of 13 or 14 who were embarrassed to see the giant object between the hips of that man, I wanted to stab my eyes and prove myself innocent.

The original is the pearl in the hands of Lin Zhang has already enjoyed this bliss with her childhood sweetheart and fiance cousin.

Now this little girl is arranging the crotch of her cousin and father.

“Here, lick it with your mouth and let it enter the sandalwood above you first.”

Fang Shi was a little hesitant, but still crouched down and obediently took the penis into his mouth.

But this thing is huge, Fang Shi is inexperienced for the first time, it is very difficult to swallow the entrance.

But this just into a glans, face and cheeks will sour hard to endure, then some feel some difficulty, want to spit out some.

However, Lin Zhang has long been horrid, how can let a woman spit out their Yang root, a woman every spit out a point, men will advance a centimetre, come and go, knock to the teeth, Lin Zhang slightly feel pain, to take it out.

Fang’s mouth was open, gasping for air, and there was still clear liquid at the corners of her mouth.

“Eat it well and don’t hurt it with your teeth.”

Fong knelt on the ground, tilted his head back, and carefully put it in his mouth.

This time she had experience and tasted the sweetness and salt on her glans. Somehow it seemed to her that it tasted different, that the salty taste was followed by an indescribably sweet taste.

She remembered that her mother had bought her a string of sugar-coated gourds when she was a child. When she could not bear to eat a mouthful, she had to endure her nature to suck it little by little. A string of sugar-coated gourds could last a long time.

At this time, in order to win people’s favor, Fang Shi sipped and sucked the sugar gourd just like a child eating it. He did not want to peel off the icing of the sugar gourd with his teeth, so he used his mouth and tongue to lick and suck it.

The tip of the tongue suddenly swept the horse’s eye, and Fang felt the thing his master had put in her mouth grow round and round.

See the woman unbelievable eyes, Lin Zhang heart born desire, can not help but, hold the woman’s head tightly, the giant fiercely inserted into her mouth.

But it was so large that with some effort he could only fit half of it, and the head of his glans pressed against the woman’s throat.

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