Boudoir talk

Boudoir talk
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Boudoir talk

Fong, who had been leaning in the man’s arms, moved again, half curious, half exuding: “Sir, why do you have a stick with you? It hurts.”

As she spoke, the woman exposed her fragile neck and bent her head.

She saw the front of her dress raised high against her thigh, and with a little curiosity she ran her hand down her thigh and felt for it.

Towering phallus was stared at by a woman, Lin Zhang suddenly all over tight, back a tingling, boiling fire meaning toward the place that was stiff.

Although across the obscene pants, Lin Zhang can feel the top of the giant has been out of a little wet meaning, he did not expect himself only from a woman in the line of sight will have pleasure.

He did not expect today’s new concubine room has so much courage, virgin body will dare to look directly at the man’s penis.

It was something that Lin Zhang had never done with another woman, not even the colorful Ryu for the first time.

Women were supposed to be elegant and reserved, and Lin Zhang pampered his sister-in-law Liu in daily life, indulging her boldness of nature and her patterns in bed.

But after all, it is because of three aunt of low birth, childhood living in brothels, Lin Zhang for it is not too demanding, and he also feel fresh, then let it go.

But he always thought of himself as a gentleman, learn the theory of sages, establish a gentleman’s journey, in the woman’s view of the most important point is to respect modest degree, not wantonly.

However, this time, he has no resistance to the new concubine Fang’s non-compliance with the law is quite out of line, and even vaguely connivance with the other side’s move, and finally make himself burning.

After all, this must have been because she had read books and read letters. Reading was a common thing for men, but a rare thing for women, so the girl was brave enough to understand.

The tightness from the phallus interrupted Lin Zhang’s random thoughts. This woman!

Well… It’s very comfortable.

But the woman was bold!

Pressure under the body from the strange, Lin Zhang rare comply with nature, have the interest will be willing to let her more bold.

“Be gentle.”

It was just a penis. Lin Yu did not believe that Aunt Fang did not know what the man was.

Otherwise, why would she rub and touch it?

It is conceivable that Aunt Fang knows how to tease men’s sexual interest, but it is not.

It was not until she heard her father’s voice, which was not the same as usual, that Lin Yu realized and panicked.

I’m trapped here now, and now I’m facing my father’s wedding.

It’s neither in nor out, but what to do?

And the original dignified and righteous father in the heart, in private was so evil, the surface is indifferent and calm, but the hand is touching the breast and conniveing the woman touch the penis, Lin Yu kind of peep to the other side of the father’s secret feeling.

There were two voices in Lin Yu’s heart.

One is to see no evil, to hear no evil, the other is a deeper and deeper desire to peep into the father’s bedroom, to see more and more of the father’s evil appearance.

Inside her head was a battle of nature and indecision, but outside the noise was whatever she wanted.

She had no choice at all at the moment, and she had no choice but to accept what was presented to her.

After such an easy decision, Lin Yu’s guilt at the bottom of his heart disappeared, but rose up in the face of this affair with his father’s participation in taboo pleasure.

Fong was bold, but she was still a virgin. She had never been married, and the only thing she had done in bed was teach her hands in the next room.

At this time, Fang could feel the constant heat from the huge object she was holding in her palm through the obscene pants. She suddenly realized that it was too big for her to finish holding with one hand, and the huge object that she was trying to try still appeared in large sections between the jaws of the tiger, so she was still numb for a moment.

Until hearing the man’s lustful and husky voice, Fang Shi came to her senses, her fingers slightly loose, and she wanted to leave.

But with his other hand on the woman’s, the man orders firmly, “Go on.”

“You’re so fond of seducing his lordship, and now you’re touching him. How rough is that?”

Fang Shi at this time face dyed red cloud, know their tricks from the magistrate master.

Since she was a child, she looks beautiful and elegant because she can read and write, and some heart high Qi proud, conscious and other women, not willing to ordinary.

Now she is satisfied into the Lin Fu concubine, when the governor master of the woman, she does not have to injustice himself into the courtyard of the outer room when the coarse make wench.

She succeeded, success has a dream of wealth covered with.

Although they now have everything is in front of the man to give, but she believes that as long as the man’s heart, please him, she will live better, more comfortable.

With this thought, even though Fang’s cheeks were burning with shame, the hand that was about to leave was brushed down obediently and pressed on the blade of the Wolf.

The question heard in the ear made Fang’s face blush, but she answered it carefully: “Coarse, you see my hand is not able to circle.”

To hear the woman shy response, Lin Zhang more feel his mighty wind shock people. The blushing face of a woman also made him successful.

After all, he was over forty, and his new concubine, though her father had delayed the marriage, was only twenty years old, more than a day younger than herself.

However, for the man between this thing, Lin Zhang is also proud.

Although he loved reading when he was young, but because of the home of the master, his body looks less than the general burly, but also not like the ordinary scholar as thin.

As a result, his penis also grew very strong, more than twice the size of an ordinary man.

“Move.” The man commanded in a husky voice.

Fong overcame his shyness, gave it a gentle squeeze, and then began sliding the stick back and forth.

She did not want to move a few times, but the huge object rose a little more, and the hot air kept coming from her hands. Fang Shi looked at the man in surprise.

Lin Zhang saw the woman’s surprise, heart slightly proud, and asked: “long is not long?”

Fang Shi did not dare to stop his hand. He stroked the stick gently and shyly said, “Long, my concubine cannot circle or hold one hand.”

So he reached out his other hand and closed it around the unwrapped pillar.

“My Lord, you can see that there is more space in both hands. My Lord, you have a very long place here.” Fang Shi heart shy minus a lot, slightly Jiaoqiao voice.

Not the woman was so, Lin Zhang that thing in the hands of a woman unexpectedly played a bomb.

“Oh, Agha Sahib, it moves.” Fang couldn’t help pinching the thing in his hand, trying to make it move again to show that he was right.

Lin Zhang was pinched and gasped. After a long pause, he pressed his voice and asked, “Then do you know what it is?

In fact, when Fang’s servant girl worked as a servant girl in the outer room to make money to support the family, she often stayed on the small terrace outside the inner room at night, in order to facilitate the outer room and to serve at night, so she knew that it was a man’s penis.

However, at this time, Fang Shi is acting cute: “This is not the master with the stick?”

“Well, that’s right. It’s a stick, but no ordinary stick. It’s a stick that’s going into you. You can be glad that I am thick and long here.”

Lin Yu blushed at this time. Although it was still in his father’s trousers, the curvature of it was propped up, showing his father’s grandeur and strength.

Then look at Fang aunt stroked penis, Lin Yu on some dry mouth.

More let her feel all over strange is often talking about careful words and actions to cultivate the heart and body of his father, at this time speaking of meat and meat to unexpectedly extended.

Father is still asking the director no, coarse no, even more father also said that it is to enter the Fang aunt’s meat stick…

Lin Yu looked at such a father, the heart is strange at a loss nowhere to declare, and I do not know why she has risen from the bottom of my heart a dry heat.

Staring at the towering end of her father’s trousers, she could not help but see a giant mauve.

How is this supposed to work?

This is peeping into his father’s bedroom has been a big unfilial, and now he has such a lewd heart.

Here Lin Yushang is tangled.

There Fang did not think before the end of the prudent governor of the adult unexpectedly mouth such obscene words, suddenly more shy and happy.

Shy because she had touched a man’s penis for the first time, happy because he thought his master liked him so.

In this case, Fang is secretly in the bottom of my heart to cooperate with a good man, even if said some erotic Yan language is okay, as long as you can win the favor of adults.

I wanted to be admitted by you. I wanted your big meat stick. The bigger your meat stick, the happier I was.”

“Hey, you’re big again. Do you want to fuck me hard later?” Rubbing the penis through her pants, the woman laughed.

Lin Zhang look unpredictable, usually dignified calm surface is eventually infected with a layer of desire, flat wave fundus also set off waves……

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