Father and aunt

Father and aunt
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Father and aunt

Today, on the street of peace, Lin Fu decorated, but very lively.

All because of this Yuzhou governor Lin Zhang and Na a room of beautiful concubine, heard that the beauty of the concubine than fairy, and knowledge of the word, is the daughter of the scholar home.

There is a good person to talk about, the road up this section of marriage is a hero to save the United States, to the body of a story.

The father was a scholar but because of years of failure and dyed gambling addiction, but finally the only daughter mortgaged to gambling house Wang boss in the 60s.

But do not want to rob people in the process, the other side will miss the little lady’s Xiucai father pushed out of business gas.

After that, Lady Fang refused to marry her father’s enemies and made a poem on the street. As long as someone buried her father, she promised to marry him.

Since the story is the governor master road to see rough hand to help, beauty said to do with body.

Lin Fu, Lin Zhang drank a little wine and pretended to be drunk.

Lin Zhang’s two boys quickly clever forward to help their master back to elegant bamboo garden.

The boy looked at his master, although he was over 40, but the style of Tanhua Lang was still the same, and because he had been an official for many years, the whole body had added some unexplained authority.

The heart of the hidden way, no wonder this scholar daughter to see the master will find the opportunity to climb the master, even in Kyoto can not find a few like master such a figure.

Fortunately, the master is not the one who indulges in sex, even if the sister-in-law every means, the master is usually spoil some, but out of bed is a school of end solemn calm, home wife concubine concubine rules are clear.

Don’t want to, the four aunt Qu qu a scholar’s daughter will be fascinated master himself to his wife put forward concubine.

It seems that this Fang is really a means, but I do not know who is better than his sister.

Thinking like this, a few people also went to the garden of Ya bamboo.

“Go down.” Lin Zhang pushed the door and entered.

The two boys leave neatly, Lin Zhang into the bed is full of peach, sitting on the edge of the bed in a crimson woman like a peach blossom.

“My Lord…” Female voice slightly shy, in this silent night add a little green enchanting.

With the pace of Lin Zhang approaching, the original shy woman suddenly show a smile, hand to the skirt, not a moment will reveal a large white skin.

Lin Zhang footsteps slightly heavy, face although still plain calm color, but the slightly higher hem already told its desire to move.

When Fang took off to only a thin belly, Lin Zhang was close.

By candlelight

A woman has a good white skin, the loose hair slightly naughty brushed her knife as weak snow shoulder, there are some faint into the woman’s rosy belly gap, really eye-catching, wish that a few wisps of disobedient hair brushed away.

Seeing the man’s focused eyes, Fang’s slightly successful wink.

Sure enough, all men are modest gentlemen on the surface, but talented men in private. The Queen was quite right.

But she liked such a magistrate, otherwise she would not be able to get into the Lin, then the result is only captured by the 60-year-old Wang rich merchant kidnapped to pay the debt.

“My Lord, my concubine is dressing my Lord.”

Fang took a half step forward and began to loosen the desired button on the side of the round collar.

However, after a long time, the buckle still did not move the thread, the woman sighed, delicate slightly panting against the man.

“My Lord, my Lord, my Lord…” Fang Shi seems chagrined light hammer master chest, “I can’t untie untie.”

“My Lord, please help me.” Fang suddenly held the man’s hand, led the man stroked the auspicious cloud buckle.

The woman held the big hand, suddenly a reverse buckle, then tightly pinch the woman’s soft boneless white pancreas.

Lin Zhang immersed in the woman’s eyes full of deep feeling, the other hand is skilled to unlock the several women for a long time to untie the buckle.

Outside the shirt off, Lin Zhang drooping eyes, line of sight along Fang’s snow neck and down, into the eye is the slight waves, the woman that the crimson belly gap between the vague gully, especially attractive.

Lin Zhang felt a flash of anger rise from his stomach, holding the woman’s hand up the wrist stroked away.

Only after touching the butterfly bone, along the smooth back into the particularly attractive belly, when the hand touched a puddle of soft flesh, he exhaled the wisp of anger in the heart.

Lin Zhang at the moment only feel like the hands of a handful of soft water, palm stroked between, the soft water seems to flow in the heart of the hand.

A woman’s breast is not big, but it can be a palm precisely can buckle, the man’s breathing with the hand stroking action slightly aggravated.

Lin Zhang weekdays for the official, the body itself is a dignified state.

However, at the moment, although his face is quiet, eyes flat staring at the woman in front of him, but the pair of this is to write a poem with a pen to write the palm of the hand of the official seal, at the moment arch the messy loose small belly, inside carefully gently kneading slowly, really is a contrast.

The so-called soft jade is more than so, with the action is no longer satisfied, Lin Zhang Wu grabbed the soft flesh of the protrusion.

“Ah ~

Fong hunched slightly stiffly and exhaled softly, but there was a tinge of pleasure in the slightly painful trill.

As the sound fell, the woman could not help but stand up between the two stalls of fragrant meat, lean on the man’s body began to small range of friction and twisting, as if this can relieve the pleasure from the body.

Lin Zhang listened to the sound of exclaim, all over the blood seems to boil up, kneading the round beads wanton kneading, and press and kneading only feel the pepper milk in the palm has risen a few points.

The pearl, which had been picked by others, gradually rose, the bead became round and hard, and the touch of the hand was more distinctly voluptuous.

Because Fang’s white upper body is still hanging that loose belly, Lin Zhang can not see a woman’s baby, but because you can not see the baby, the hands of the touch is more clear, people can not control the imagination.

The arms of the woman rustling, making the place of Lin Zhang’s abdomen high.

With the man’s slightly heavier breathing, the hand movement also from a pinch a twist of the gentle touch to a hard squeeze, the hot crotch is unable to resist a shrug forward to poke the top.

Cloth came from the sense of friction and a woman thigh soft flesh, and at the moment a woman looming posture, although not into the secret, but more can provoke Lin Zhang lust.

Bosom woman with Jiao sing uncomfortable escape that such as shadow followed by the giant, and added a bit of desire, looking at the woman he was forced in arms cornered at a loss, his heart a little wisp of wanton feeling.

But then, hiding in the dark in the broom closet, a girl of fourteen or fifteen opened her eyes wide, eyes as wet as a young deer, with incredible colors.

She is Lin Fu’s only big lady, Lin Zhang’s direct daughter Lin Yu.

Lin Yu since the small Yuxue lovely, intelligent sensible, is Lin Zhang and thirty years of the young girl, since it is a thousand Jiao million pet love.

But do not want this woman before the afternoon rest in his mother’s house, see the mother because his father took concubine secretly tears, then on his father took concubine is full of anger conflict, so early ran to Fang’s room to see how the woman had let his father personally export for marriage.

However, the person is not as good as the fate, originally she just hid in the room to take a look at Fang Shi and go, but do not want to meet Fang Shi was helped into the room by the servant girl, but she only hid in the side of the sundry cabinet, waiting for the opportunity to escape.

Just, don’t want to wait for this to now such a picture.

Lin Yu never thought her father, who was always dignified, would have such a strange side…

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