12 Healthy sex tips to make life more perfect for men and women

12 Healthy sex tips to make life more perfect for men and women
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Sexual harmony and joy are fundamental to the relationship, whether as a couple or as a couple. Chinese women tend to be a little conservative when it comes to sex and don’t know how to tempt their husbands for more pleasure. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the top 12 secrets of women in bed, let a man walk on air!

Tip number one: See everything

1. The woman first lay on her side, and then support the upper body or head with one side elbow, one leg close to the ground plane straight, the other leg is comfortable straight lift the legs wide open.

2. The man straddles the woman’s thigh close to the ground plane and enters the woman’s body. And hold the woman’s raised thigh, or the woman’s thigh pillow on the man’s shoulder.

3. The man can adjust the opening Angle of the woman’s thigh according to the needs of both of them.

Tip 2: Sexy mermaid

1. The woman first lies down with her hips against the edge of the bed, the edge of the table or any platform, and raises her legs together and straight.

2. The woman places her hands under her hips to raise her pelvis, or grasp the edge of a table, table, or platform.

3. The man should stand or kneel in front of her raised legs and then enter her body.

Step 3: Hot and sticky

1. The woman lies face up and knees so that the feet are as close to the thigh or under the thigh as possible. The hands are placed on the head.

2. He lies down facing her with his legs straight and grabs her shoulders or waist with both hands.

3. The man can get down to the bottom, or use up and down, left and right, or draw an arc to change the stimulation point of entry.

Fourth trick: Carousel

1. The man lies on his back with his head supported by a pillow and his legs open and straight.

2. The woman sits at the man’s waist first, legs across the man’s abdomen, hands to support the body, so that the buttocks swing on the man’s abdomen or thighs, the two bodies in a cross shape.

3. The woman opens her legs slightly so that the man enters her body and then does a roundabout movement.

The fifth trick: Fly clouds

1. The woman lies flat on her side, hands straight above the head, legs slightly open, put one to two pillows under the pubic bone.

2. Cover the woman with the male side facing down and then enter her body.

3. The man rotates instead of pumping.

Tip 6: Rock with passion

Step 1 Lie on your back with your legs raised so that your knees are close to your chin.

2. The man enters the woman in the missionary position and the woman may rest her legs on the man’s shoulders.

3. The woman holds the upper arm of the man, while the man holds the buttocks of the woman.

Trick 7: Spiders spin webs

1. The man lies on his side facing the woman with his legs intertwined.

2. When the man gets inside her body, hug each other tightly to enhance the pleasure of rubbing.

The eighth trick: eight graceful beats

1. The woman lies flat on her back, with a pair of pillows under her hips. Beat and bend her legs and place her hands over her head.

2. The man should face the woman, straighten his body, place his hands on the sides of the woman’s head to support his weight, and then enter the woman’s body.

3. The male slowly do 8 figure rotation, so that the penis pet fully stimulate the female vaginal wall, pubis can also stimulate the female pudendal nucleus.

Step 9: Make Love to the couch

1. He sits on the couch or comfy chair.

2. The woman straddles him, legs open, knees bent against his chest, upper body leaning back, hands touching the floor to support weight.

3. After the man enters the woman’s body, the woman climbs the orgasm by opening and closing her legs and contracting the PC muscle.

Tip 10: Passionate Horsewoman

1. The man sits cross-legged with his hands behind him for support.

2. The woman kneels in front of the man, grabs his shoulders with both hands, and slowly lets him enter the woman’s body.

3. The woman controls the depth of entry and the speed of movement. Of course, the lower the woman sits, the closer the bond between the two.

Step 11: The Sex ladder

1. The man and the woman kneel in the direction of the stairs, and the woman is one step ahead of the man.

2. The woman can hold both sides of the stair railing or the front step with both hands, while the man can hold the woman’s buttocks to enter from behind.

The twelfth trick: Eight claws

1. The man sits down with his legs bent and his hands behind him for support.

2. The woman sits facing him with her hands behind her for support and her legs open on his shoulders.

3. Let the man enter her body and try to get closer.

Women in the sexual psychology, or to try to liberate themselves, and continue to explore some new posture and skills with her husband, will give the dull marriage life to add a little fun.

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